We moved into our first house in 2019 in South Minneapolis and with it established FIREHOUSE, with the intention of growing and establishing more houses. Recently, at the end of 2021, we have added MILKWEED, and now in June 2022 are beginning work on our new house LITTLE HOUSE.

We are building a resilient network of cooperatives, founded on self-determination. We envision thriving communities where people have their needs met, have access to support and services, and where members can build relationships to work together on neighborhood issues and social justice issues that affect the Twin Cities area as a whole. We grow food in our gardens to feed our community, and work with local cooperative farms to distribute food to others. We provide space for community members to rest and recover when they need it. Our houses are nodes in a broad network of care and mutual aid. 

Having recently purchased two new properties within the last year, thanks to a generous donation, we are now working on increasing our membership and building community within the organization.


Our cooperative is made up of black and brown youth, queer and trans people, people who have experienced homelessness or have otherwise been caught up in cycles of poverty. MATCH provides stable and secure housing for low-income people — most of us do not have access to generational wealth, and so we are asking for contributions to fund our project.

We are in need of all kinds of support! Primarily we are seeking funds to maintain and expand our current three properties in East Phillips. Our goal is to fundraise $500,000 for the complete costs of mortgages, maintenance and essential outfitting of the homes. We are asking for personal donations because we want to meet and be in relationship with the people who support us! Donations to MATCH are tax-deductible.  

Additionally, we are looking for:

  • QTBIPOC who want to be in community with us
  • Mutual aid contracting and maintenance work
  • Tools for regular household repairs
  • Vehicle donations and mutual aid mechanic work
  • Relationships and connections to other cooperative projects



Through our experience starting a housing cooperative, members of MATCH are able to provide technical assistance for other housing projects and mutual aid groups. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions — we are more than happy to help you out!